Both Ross Taylor, who together with our Chris Kerin conducted an interview with David Chandler the NSW Building Commissioner on the topic of residential development regulation reforms in NSW, and our Allison Benson have contributed to a guide to navigating building defects for UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre.

The guide has been developed for strata residents and owners in New South Wales, Australia (NSW). If you live outside of NSW, you may still find this guide useful, but you will need to check the local laws, regulations and service providers that apply in your jurisdiction. The guide has been developed by Caitlin Buckle, Sian Thompson, Hazel Easthope, Laura Crommelin, Martin Loosemore and Bill Randolph at UNSW Sydney, with input from research partners at Strata Community Association (NSW), Strata Community Insurance, Australian College of Strata Lawyers (special thanks to Allison Benson), Lannock Strata Finance, Ross Taylor & Associates and the Owners Corporation Network of Australia.

The link to the interactive guide is here.

The guide provides general information only and is not a substitute for legal advice for your particular situation. For that we encourage you to contact us directly.