The latest research from UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre providing an update into strata and community title schemes has been released.

Some key NSW scheme facts:

  • There are 83,998 strata schemes registered in NSW
  • 40% of strata schemes were registered since 2000
  • Approximately 1.1 million people live in strata schemes in NSW
  • Of the lots in strata schemes:
    • 48% of people living in them are renting;
    • 13% own their lot outright,
    • 16% own their lot but have a mortgage;
    • 11% of lots are unoccupied; and
    • A further 12% of lots could not be categorised into any of the above.
  • In terms of the ages of people in our strata lots:
    • 16% of residents are under 20 years
    • 48% of residents are between 20 – 39 years
    • 21% of residents are between 40 – 59 years; and
    • 15% of residents are over 60.

For those with an interest in seeing the increase in strata and community titles over time, this link shows strata development over time: