The temporary relief measures introduced in response to COVID-19 enabling the holding of an owners corporation to hold electronic meetings, regardless of whether a motion authorising an electronic meeting had previously been passed, were not extended. This means that if your owners corporation has not already passed a motion to authorise meetings to be held electronically, it can no longer do so. A meeting must first be held to pass a resolution authorising electronic meetings.

Where an owners corporation or strata committee had not already passed motions to authorise electronic meetings and notice of an electronic meeting has been given, but the meeting has not yet been held the transitional provisions under the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (COVID-19) Regulation 2021 permit the meeting to be validly held electronically.

What can you do if your scheme has not passed a motion to hold a meeting electronically? It can still hold meetings the old fashioned way, in person. When COVID-19 first impacted strata schemes our work around for owners corporations in this situation was to ask your strata manager to hold a meeting, for at least one lot owner to give the strata manager a proxy form and for a motion to be on the agenda of the meeting authorising electronic meetings. The strata manager would then vote yes to permitting electronic meetings.

Other COVID-19 provisions remain. If you are uncertain what you can and cannot do please seek advice.