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What is a Scott Schedule & Why are they Used?

Scott Schedules are often used in building defect matters. They are an important tool that help both the parties and the decision maker focus on the defects being claimed and the quantum of each defect. What is a Scott Schedule? A Scott Schedule is a document that...

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When is Refusal to Consent to a By-law Unreasonable?

When is refusal to consent to an amendment of a by-law unreasonable? This was one of the issues raised in the recent case of Gelder v The Owners – Strata Plan No 38308 [2020] NSWCATAP 227 (05 November 2020). Ms Gelder refused to consent to the amendment of Special...

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Code of Conduct for Short- Term Rental Accommodation

The mandatory Code of Conduct for short-term rental accommodation has been finalised and will apply from 18 December 2020. You can view the Code here. Host obligations If you are a host, the obligations imposed on you by the Code include: You must hold insurance for...

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